About Our Cool Team

When a broken air conditioner ruins your summer staycation, or when your furnace malfunctions and sends you shivering under the sheets, you know who to call. American Comfort Air doesn’t call itself the coolest HVAC company in American Fork for nothing. We’re trained to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Every good company boasts a sturdy foundation, and in our case, it’s our boss, Beau Diamond and his knack for all things HVAC that grounds us. As a teenager, he followed his dad from job to job and quickly picked up the skills needed for HVAC work — cleaning, repairing and installing techniques; the tenacity for solving problems; and a positive attitude when dealing with customers. He built his company out of his love for helping people with HVAC problems.

Homeowners usually only think about HVAC sysems when they break down. Although it’s easier to fix small issues before they get big, we are always available to help you when your HVAC system isn’t working correctly. We enjoy our work making people’s lives more comfortable!

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