Important Notes for HVAC and Hardwood Floors

At American Comfort Air, one of our primary missions during the colder months is to help keep you and your family warm. Our HVAC and furnace services include a full range of important areas for the winter season, from basic repairs and installations to expert technicians who can help with even complex issues.

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you may have a few additional heating challenges facing you this winter. Hardwood is a wonderful product in many ways, but it’s also a bit tougher to keep warm and can pick up quite a bit of coolness from the air around it. And if you turn your furnace up too high to compensate for this, not only will you be raising your utility bill, you’ll be risking warping of the floor due to humidity concerns. With that in mind, here are a few HVAC-related tips we can offer on keeping the hardwood floors warm and comfortable to walk on.

notes hvac hardwood floors

Insulation Concerns

In many cases, the primary reason why your hardwood floors are cold to walk on and influencing the temperature of major rooms is a lack of proper insulation. If your home is leaking to the outdoors, the entire home will struggle with certain cooling concerns – and these will often show up earliest in areas like your hardwood.

Check for things like roof insulation, as well as the sealing solutions you have in place for doors and windows. If needed, our pros can do a basic home energy audit that can help show you where your home might be leaking valuable heat, plus help you fill these cracks or other gaps easily. Fixing this issue goes a long way rather than simply turning up the thermostat, which risks a higher bill and may also dry out your floors and risk damaging them.


Rugs are a great complement to hardwood floors to begin with, and they’re also a perfect excuse to increase the warmth quality in a certain area. Many cooling issues with hardwood floors are concentrated on specific sections that are poorly insulated or receive larger quantities of cool air, but you can combat this with a rug – one that you can easily pick up and remove once the air gets warmer and you want your full hardwood design back.

Humidity Considerations

No matter which tactics you take to manage your hardwood floors and heat, be sure to keep an eye on humidity levels. Anything below 30 percent humidity can dry out and damage your hardwood – you can purchase a cheap home humidity level checker at any department store, and if it tells you your levels are too low, consider a humidifier to maintain your floors.

For more on how to keep hardwood floors warm during winter, or to learn about any of our HVAC and heating services, speak to the pros at American Comfort Air today.

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